Global Girl leading day

In celebration of International Day of the Girl on Monday 11th October 2021, the year 12 students took part in the online Global Girl Leading conference.

The day was hosted by Mulberry School for Girls in partnership with Ursuline High School Wimbledon.

This year’s theme as assigned by UNICEF, was ‘Digital Generation, our Generation’.

The session throughout the day enabled our year 12 students to discuss different topics such as the positive and negatives of social media and why women are taken less seriously than men. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and took part in the online and offline activity.


“The best part for me was, Ann Mary Sieghart sharing with us her findings for her books “The authority gap”, I have always known in a way that women were taken less seriously than men but hearing facts was validating.

I also enjoyed the different influencers sharing their stories either about the safety online or the inequality they face. I believe it is important to listen and learn from each other and that day was all about that.”

Nusaba Kazi 12H – Vice-President of the sixth form.


“I loved the segment “Big sister, little sister” where women were giving advice to your little sister about staying safe online. Having myself two younger sisters, I know how important safety online can be. I also can’t wait to see Little Amal soon!” 

Hibaaq Hussein 12H


“I really enjoyed the panel on “The authority gap” which was by Ann Mary Sieghart. In the offline session, we discussed further why women are taken less seriously than men and it was really interesting to hear everyone views.”

Fazil Jannat 12Q – Prefect



“I really enjoyed the panel discussion about the safety on internet as well as the discussion we had offline with my peers. Hearing my peers experience on internet gave me a different insight on the topic.

I loved the panel on “The authority gap” especially when our question was answered by the panellist.”

Afria Rahman 12H – Prefect