My name is Aurore Eynard-Machet, I am the Mulberry Stepney Partnership coordinator at Mulberry Stepney Green Maths, Computing & Science College. I was very excited to step in this position in February 2020, but as you can imagine this past year has been beyond different in a lot of aspects.

The Mulberry Stepney Partnership brings together eight schools in Tower Hamlets – Cayley Primary, Halley Primary, Stepney Park Primary, Stepney All Saints, Stepney Greencoat Primary, Stephen Hawking SEN Primary, Harry Gosling Primary and Mulberry Stepney Green Maths, Computing & Science College.

Our schools run a lot of exciting activities which bring together children, families and staff across the partnership schools. Each school brings their collective skills and expertise to support and provide the best possible facilities to our community, and students.

Together, we organize and run many activities and workshops as well as events for students from all Partnership schools to attend and enjoy. Instilling aspiration, ensuring excellence and building on a sense of a tight knit community is at the heart of our partnership.

Here are some great examples of events organized by the Stepney Partnership:

  • Every half term or end of term the Stepney partnership schools give out Family Homework.
  • We have run clubs, and brought the competition to an inter-school level…

Our Para-sports day is a fantastic way for our SEN pupils to enjoy taking part in sports in our fantastic Sport’s center / gym at SG School! The Taster Day takes place one a term. It allows students from our primary partnership schools to come and experience what the secondary life is like.

  • FunDay! Every end of year, our school and other schools in the partnership team up to bring parents and students together in a great and fun day of activities and sport

And so much more!