In the Sixth Form you will work hard to achieve top grades, these grades will enable you to open the door to a future of your choice.

Dedicated staff will guide you to independence, challenging you to achieve your very best. We will ensure that you feel valued and known as individuals; supporting you with a personalised learning programme, tailored to meet your needs.

You will experience outstanding teaching. Teachers will use their excellent subject knowledge to deliver challenging programmes of study in the Sixth Form. You will be taken out of your comfort zone; your progress will be seen by you, your teachers and your parents. You will be asked to read widely, debate and problem solve. You will become resilient in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Studying in the Sixth Form is a rewarding experience. You will mature as a learner and develop the qualities which will enable you to achieve highly and take up a place at a top university or into a career of your choice.