The Mulberry Schools Trust is a flourishing multi-academy trust. Through its founding school, Mulberry School for Girls, it has pioneered outstanding education in East London stretching back over 50 years. Mulberry Schools Trust currently includes Mulberry School for Girls, Mulberry UTC and Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, and will soon welcome other schools. The Trust believes in outstanding achievement for all and the power of partnerships with families, other local schools and the communities that it serves.

The Trust has a clear vision leading to the establishment of a ‘family of schools’ which all share a common ethos and a set of values that place moral purpose and systemic improvement for all children at its core.

Each school within the Trust has a Local Governing Body responsible for the oversight of that school and monitors its performance and standards. The Trust Board (which includes the Chairs of each Local Governing Body) and its committees are responsible for issues affecting the whole organisation, setting the strategic direction of the Trust and ensuring that all parts of the governance structure are working effectively. This will allow the Trust to uphold the international reputation that it has built for excellence of education and associated opportunities that it provides for young people.

The Mulberry Schools Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (Company No. 10035860). Company’s registered office: Mulberry Schools Trust, Richard Street, Commercial Road, London E1 2JP. Tel: 020 7790 6327.

For further information about the the Mulberry Schools Trust, please visit where you will find a more in-depth view of its background, aims and vision for the future.