Online enrichment ideas for MFL

MFL (French/Spanish/Bengali)

  • Download the TuneIn radio app. Click ‘By Location’ > Europe > France/Spain then choose either the type of music (genre) you want to listen to or the area in France or Spain.
  • Watch films in French/Spanish/Bengali on Netflix
  • Listen to French/Spanish/Bengali music on Youtube or Spotify
  • Languages activities –
  • Languages games – languages online
  • Music activities –


French only

  • Reading for pleasure –

     Learn French with French Children’s Stories – The French Experiment – L’actualité à hauteur d’enfants !

  • French series –


Spanish only

  • News in Spanish + vocabulary and phrases + grammar


Bengali only

Other ideas


Youtube Links for English Language & English Literature

English Language

English Language Paper 1:

English Language Paper 2:

English Literature

English Literature Macbeth:

English Literature Conflict Poems:

English Literature Frankenstein:

English Literature A Christmas Carol:

English Literature An Inspector Calls:

English Literature Unseen Poetry:

English Department Independent or Family Enrichment Activities – May 2021


KS5 English – Massolit (students have log in details) – British Library Discovering Literature – Course Hero YouTube for study guides on set texts – Vee Katvhi “Studytuber” – Ruby Granger “Studytuber” – Jack Edwards “Studytuber” – English & Media Centre – National Literacy Trust – BBC Bitesize – Yale Courses on World War One Poetry – Channel 4 Documentries for recordings of famous actors reading World War One poetry – Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre


For GCSE re-take English Language please see KS4 resource list.

Below are a few geography related links which could be shared. 

Podcasts (suitable for KS4/5):

Royal Geographical Society – ‘Ask the geographer’ podcasts (

Where is the world game: 

GeoGuessr – Let’s explore the world! 

Geography Map Games – Play Online ( 

Stop Disasters online game: