The day had finally arrived! Much planning and preparations had gone into arranging the Mulberry Stepney Green Fun Day.

Pupils were eager and excited and all throughout the day there were a stream of volunteers coming my way with Miss, I can help. School finished and from 3:30pm the hustle and bustle of getting prepared started. Premises staff pulled in tables into the playground, a mini stage was brought out for the music and announcements, pupils put on posters and balloons on the main gates to welcome in the visitors, groups of pupils and staff put out tables, put labels on and got ready. Representatives from organisations came in to set up their information and activities stalls.

Soon the music hit off and the gates opened. The Fun Day was in full swing. Visitors continuously streamed in and out, buying food, drinks and lollies, browsing through the art work on sale, some diving straight for the jumble sale, children having their face painted and queuing for the bouncy castle. Storytelling, puppet making and bead making was also on the cards!

Some people looked on with awe at the martial arts moves and hesitantly joined in. Others were more eager to practice that kick! It was interesting to see teachers and pupils playing Caram Board together in a very competitive mood! Others went indoors to try a game on the PlayStation, and many joined in with the Virtual Golf.

The PE department put on a fantastic range of activities in the other playground and it bustled with the noise of people participating and cheering.

This was organised by the school. It was a day when pupils, parents and members of the community came together to socialise and enjoy. There was a festive atmosphere and good weather. Parents, pupils and staff, and partner organisations were involved in planning, contributing and managing the event. It was definitely a Fun Day!