EAL Coordinator: Will Smith

At Mulberry Stepney Green Maths, Computing & Science College, the job of the English as an Additional Language Coordinator is to ensure the progress of all English Language Beginners and to raise their achievement.

Who are the EAL beginners?

Usually EAL beginners are students who have recently arrived in the UK and have either only basic English from their education abroad or they are complete beginners with no English at all.

Sometimes EAL beginners have been in the UK for some time, but their English may not have developed due to underlying issues, for example a Special Educational Need or Disability.

How are EAL beginner New Arrivals inducted?

On entry to the school EAL a New Arrival’s Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Levels are assessed so that they can be given a temporary personalised timetable. This timetable includes some lessons with the EAL Coordinator to focus on learning the English they will need to be more confident in class and around the school. They are also assigned class buddies, who are fluent in their home language if possible.