Dress Code:

  • Mulberry Stepney Green expects all its pupils to wear full school uniform:
  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Plain White shirt (must be tucked into Trouser/Skirt)
  • School tie
  • Black long sleeved V-neck pullover
  • black socks
  • Plain black leather shoes – flat/ ankle shoes (Girls only – heels no higher than 2.5cm)
  • Plain black trousers with straight cut
  • Black belt – Buckle to be small and not a fashion item to be worn with Trousers  (Boys only).
  • Plain black skirt – full length or knee length (Girls only)
  • Plain bottle green Headscarf/Hijaab (Girls only)
  • Plain black tights (Girls only)
  • Long hair should be tied back with black hairbands only (Girls only)
  • School bag (must be appropriate size for carrying books)
  • PE kit *

*The following kit for physical education is compulsory:

  • Reversible soccer shirt (special school pattern)
  • Polo shirt with Stepney Green insignia
  • White shorts
  • White socks
  • Trainers
  •  Girls only – optional Plain black Tracksuit bottoms

Please Click Here for more advice on School Uniform

The school has a policy of wearing a uniform. Tutors should ensure that their pupils are in correct uniform at morning and afternoon registration. Pupils should be asked to wear their shirts tucked in. Pupils are expected to wear their blazers to and from school each day. Hats (other than those worn for religious reasons) and outdoor coats should not be worn in school. Outdoor coats MUST be dark in colour. No bright colours allowed eg Red, yellow, pink etc. If tutors are in doubt about the reasons offered, parents should be contacted. Pupils should not be kept out of lessons if they are not in correct uniform. The matter should be referred to the Form Tutor or the Year Team or Key Stage Leader.

Students in Years 7 – 11 are not allowed to have any patterns, grooves or shaved lines in their hairstyle. Shaved lines in their eyebrows are also not permitted. The only Jewellery permitted are inexpensive wristwatch. No studs/sleepers are permitted in pierced ears or other body parts. No Make-up or noticeable nail varnish.

Sixth Formers are expected to wear business attire at all times. Jeans are not permitted. Please see Sixth Form Handbook.

Uniform suppliers are:

Khalsa Schoolwear

388-390 Bethnal Green Road

London E2 OAH

Tel: 020 7729 3286

Ocean Designs Schoolwear Ltd

10 Watney Market

London E1 2PR

Tel: 020 7702 8881

If students come to school without the correct uniform and no note of explanation from their parents, they will be sent home to change.