For Students…

Dear Students,

Making the correct GCSE choices is vitally important and will greatly affect the progress you make over years 9, 10 and 11.

In this Options website you will find key information about choosing the subjects you will study in KS4.

Please make sure that you read through the option subject pages and also read the option booklet which has information about all KS4 subjects.

Even if you think that you may not be interested in a certain subject, you may be surprised by what they cover in KS4, and this could affect your choices.

For Parents…

Dear Parents,

Please use this site to help decide which subjects you would like your child to study in KS4.

Students who follow the Triple Science course will require more curriculum time. If your child is selected to study Triple Science it will automatically be one of the two option choices, leaving one free option choice. Triple Science students will be selected by the science department

Above all else, you must do the following:

  • Choose either History or Geography
  • Choose 2 options unless you are selected to do Triple Science (see above). One from option block A and one from option block B. The information for each course is available on this website on the option subject pages and in the option booklet.
  • If you choose Art in Option A you can’t choose Graphics in Option B and visa versa
  • If you choose ICT, it is strongly advisable not to choose Computer Science and vice-versa.
  • Choose 1 subject from each option block as a second choice.
  • Don’t choose the same two subjects in both blocks (even if the 1st and 2nd choice is reversed)
  • Complete the options form online by Monday 29 June

If your submission is late, then you may miss out on certain subjects if they are oversubscribed. If you require any further assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor, their Head of Year Mr Miah, or Mr Copson.