Faculty of:

Media Studies

Head of Department:

Ms A. Maharaj


The Media Studies Department aims to give students the skills and knowledge which will equip them for life through a high quality education, where students develop conceptual thinking and creativity through a contemporary and relevant curriculum.

An Accessible Course

Media Studies is an accessible course which support students to study the media an academic context and apply the knowledge and understanding gained to the process of creating their own media products. The Media Studies Course enable students to engage confidently with critical and theoretical approaches from the perspectives of being consumer and producer of media products. They will learn about technology and its influence on the media; how online and offline platforms are influenced by contexts: social, political, historical and cultural. Whilst students progress through their Media Studies Course from Key stage 4 to Key Stage 5, it allows them to widen their intellectual horizons. Throughout the course they will develop skills in critical and reflective thinking and participate in the critical debates surrounding contemporary media.