School Timings

  • School begin at 8.35am everyday.
  • Lessons are either 45 or 50 minutes long, with some subjects having double lessons.
  • Breaktime is 20 minutes long.
  • Lunctime is 50 minutes long.
  • School ends at 3.30pm on Monday to Thursday.
  • On Friday School ends at 1.45pm.

Tutor Time

  • Everyday at the beginning of the day and immediately after lunchtime, pupils will have registration and tutor time. Each registration period is 10 minutes long.
  • The tutor time periods give pupils the opportunity to meet with their tutors daily and develop meaningful teacher/pupil relationships. They also provide pupils with an opportunity to meet with their fellow tutees and discuss amongst other things, How their day has gone so far and develop meaningful friendships with their peers.
  • During tutor time, pupils will have 2 members of staff assigned to their tutor group. Tutors will help develop pupil wellbeing, life skills and offer careers advice.
  • Tutor time also give pupils the opportunity to discuss with their tutor(s) anything that they may need support with or if they are worried about something.

After School Activities

  • After the end of the formal school day, pupils have the opportunity to take part in a vast range of sporting activities. Click here to learn more about these activities
  • Some pupils will also take part in additional catch up classes to help them progress further and reach their full potential.
  • Most after school activities run until 4.45pm, but some can go on until 5.00pm.